What we do

Pebble takes pride in its ability to remain flexible in its approach to communications and research, striving to provide each client with a service that is open, honest and mutually beneficial. Where possible, Pebble works to encourage collaboration and sharing of knowledge and experience.

Enabling clients to meet their objectives is vital to Pebble, whether that’s through PR, consultancy outputs or project management, we offer a competitive, reliable and professional service.

Pebble International is the trading name of H&K Textile Consulting Limited, a UK headquartered company.

Project work
Pebble has been involved in many different types of projects in the UK, Europe and further afield. As a project team Pebble offers a unique and exceptional combination of knowledge, with an informed, objective, impartial and consummately professional approach to the tasks undertaken, Pebble has built a reputation where it has become its current and past clients’ first point of contact.

Drawing on expertise as required the team brings a different perspective to the mix, collectively providing a strong, small efficient team with the ability to move between areas of application and subject, demonstrating transferability, as well as maintaining strong individual focus on the needs of the client. Pebble has a systematic and logical approach to undertaking tasks, which are key to efficient project management.

Pebble prides itself on its business etiquette and professionalism, which enables it to work with all levels of industry, providing a strong ability to engage with clients and partner organisations.

At the start of any given project Pebble works to ensure ongoing dialogue with the client, arranging timely meetings as required, and maintains regular contact with the appropriate individuals. Pebble works with clients to establish work timelines, setting key deadlines and achievable milestones throughout the contract, to ensure all deliverables, in whatever form, are realised.

Working groups and secretariat
Pebble has involvement with numerous clothing industry working groups that have been responsible for UK, European and wider International change in business practice. Roles within these groups vary, from project management of multiple task groups, vital and efficient secretariat roles, to voluntary roles at Chair and stakeholder level.

Business networking and events
Working with clients
We are happy to work with clients at whatever level – a days consultancy to get your event up and running; to provide ongoing project management services; apply our specialist knowledge to specific tasks; running small and large scale conferences for wide ranging audiences; or providing help in securing keynote speakers for events.

Forming links
Pebble has worked across many areas, often tasked to bring together and work with individuals, companies, government agencies, universities, committees and management teams.

Clients will come to us with concepts for their event, we have a proven track record of working with these ideas to turn them into well attended, rewarding events. We pride ourselves in our ability to find inspiring, colourful and memorable speakers, a key service we know adds significantly to the legacy of a conference or event.

Pebble organises many meetings throughout Europe and the UK, and is aware that people spend so much time in meetings that turning meeting time into sustained results is a priority for successful organisations and Pebble always aims to ensure that key points as well as industry insight captured within meetings are taken to fruition.

Having arranged events and meetings for almost 10 years, Pebble is able to work with client needs to secure and negotiate best rates with venues.

We work with our clients to enable successful meetings and events, providing a complete range of ‘turn-key’ services and options for meetings of all sizes. We deliver successful meetings by integrating the client’s team with our worldwide resources in a team-focused environment. Our special emphasis is with clients in the fibre, textile, apparel, footwear and associated sectors.

Public relations services
PR, branding and promotions strategy
Enabling clients to meet their objectives is vital to Pebble, whether that’s through PR, advertising or below the line promotion we offer a competitive, reliable and professional service. We work with the client to develop promotional opportunities, targeting a specific audience to ensure that your visibility is enhanced.

Pebble has developed a network of companies that can provide you with additional services, everything from brand development, advertisement concept and design, through to exhibition stands, website design and print. Long established and award winning, our partners are able to help us provide a complete service so that you don’t have to deal with lots of different companies.

Fundamentally underpinning all the services Pebble provides is their understanding of the importance of representative, accurate and timely publication. As the editor of a textile publication Vanessa Knowles understands that the press have limited time and need to receive information in a timely, informative and accurate way, ensuring that each market sector receives appropriate information.